Blacktop Pricing   

Some Paving contractors may say that they’ll cut their price to earn your business…. But we say:  Make sure you know exactly what you are buying.  Anyone can make your driveway black, but we can give you a lasting one.​

​ How Much Does It Cost To Install An Asphalt Driveway?   ​

​ If you’ve been approached by a contractor knocking on your door, who’s “in the area” and they have some “extra asphalt” and they can “give you a great deal to pave your driveway if you do it today”!  You have probably been scammed.  

​ Asphalt driveway costs are determined by a calculated method and not just a simple square foot price. Throughout my career, many times we’ve had customers call us and ask “How much would it cost to pave my driveway… just give me your square foot price?” And that seems pretty simple right?  It seems like it would make sense for a contractor to just be able to throw out a number, doesn’t it?  Really, you should beware of any contractor that is willing to just throw out a number. ​


Let’s say you call a contractor and ask them “What’s your square foot price?” And let’s also say just for example, after asking you a few questions, the contractor says “$2 a square foot”. You say “Oh? Great can you come and give me a bid?” What do you think that contractors going to do now?  They just found out an idea of your budget and you didn't even realize it.  Now, when that contractor comes to give you a bid, what do you think they’re going to do now?  They’re going to say “Well I didn't realize you had this and that so… the price is actually $3.00 a foot”.    ​

​ Sure you could say no, but then this is where the fly by nights really get you.  Now they know exactly what you’re willing to pay for your driveway and they’ll make you think that they’re going to cut their price to earn your business when in reality their going to cut the quality and increase their profits!     ​

​ Asking a contractor “What’s your square foot price?” is simply setting yourself up for getting ripped off. ​

There are many variables that determine the cost to pave an asphalt driveway.

How Asphalt Driveway Costs Are Determined  ​First and foremost, how big or little is the driveway…

How many square feet do you have? How much preparation is involved in order to make the driveway drain properly?    

Does your soil need sub grade preparation requiring excavation and installation of a specific type of aggregate or some other type of structural material?    

How much hand work is involved when installing the asphalt?  Areas where the equipment can’t get to?     

 How many trucks will be needed.     ​

​ These are big factors in determining a price to install an asphalt driveway.  Obviously, as with just about anything, the more volume, the less the square foot price becomes!